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#1 May 25, 2012

A Canadian report describes a new beneficial effect of levofloxacin

Apathy is a common symptom of a variety of neurological conditions. This report from staff in the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, describes an improvement in apathy, social interaction and ability to perform activities of daily living in a patient with cognitive decline following treatment with levofloxacin.
This patient underwent further investigation involving 2 treatment and 2 non-treatment phases during an infection-free interval. The treatment arms consisted of 10-day courses of levofloxacin 500mg daily. As well as exhibiting less apathy and disability during 2 periods of treatment, the caregiver clinical global impression scores were significantly improved during treatment with levofloxacin (P=0.0007).

PMID: 22549356

Neurologist. 2012 May;18(3):146-8.

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