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#1 April 20, 2012

Salmonellosis in Benin responds well to fluoroquinolone treatment

Salmonellosis is a common endemo-epidemic disease in Benin but data are scarce. This study was carried out to measure the incidence of major salmonellosis requiring admission to hospital.
The study involved 2,520 patients admitted to the Medical Department of Parakou University Hospital in Benin over the period January 1, 2005, to December 31, 2007.
Fluoroquinolones were used as treatment in 79.3% of patients and a favorable outcome was obtained in 62.2% of patients. In addition, the mortality rate was low, 4.4%.

PMID: 22393642

Med Trop (Mars). 2011 Dec;71(6):634-5.

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