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#2 May 10, 2010

A US survey confirms the safety of levofloxacin

A review of the safety profile of third-generation fluoroquinolones, focussing on levofloxacin, has been carried out by Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists, Bryn Mawr, PA, USA. A MEDLINE search of literature published over the period 1980-2009 was carried out searching for adverse drug-related effects.
Some third-generation fluroquinolones have been associated with serious adverse effects and gatifloxacin has even been withdrawn because of dysglycemia. However, the investigators found that levofloxacin was generally well tolerated with low rates of clinically important adverse events including like CNS toxicity, cardiovascular toxicity and dysglycemia.

PMID: 20397737

Drug Saf. 2010 May 1;33(5):353-69.

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