toumei image Update and Additions
image April 28-29, 2014 image
5th BPS Focused Meeting on Cell Signalling
Western Europe
image May 1-2, 2014 image
The A to Zfs of Microbial Control, Monitoring and validation of Pharmaceutical Water Systems
San Diego CA
North America
image May7-9, 2014 image
M3W3 2014 - 3rd Mol Microl Meeting
Western Europe
image May 8 - 10, 2014 image
2014 NIAID-IDSA Infectious Diseases Research Careers Meeting
Bethesda, Maryland
North America
image May10, 2014 image
2nd International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of Antifungal Drugs
Avenida Palace Hotel, Barcelona
Western Europe
image May 15-19, 2014 image
9th International Conference on Cryptococcus & Cryptococcosis
Western Europe
image May29-30, 2014 image
Antimicrobial Therapy in Immunocompromised and Critically Ill Patients (ATCIP)
Western Europe
image May 30, 2014 image
Containing the spread of multiresistant bacteria
Western Europe
image June 5-6, 2014 image
3rd ESCMID Workshop on Professional Affairs in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases: The Future of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Europe
Eastern Europe
image June 6-7, 2014 image
2nd European Conference of Microbiology and Immunology
Western Europe
image June 6, 2014 image
Culture change: the modern diagnosis & management of bacterial infection
Queen Mother Conference Centre, Edinburgh

image June 9-12, 2014 image
Pediatric Infectious Disease Update
Hilton Head Island, S.C.
North America
image June 15-17, 2014 image
18th Symposium on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host
Western Europe
image June 30-July 2, 2014 image
12th Hot Topics In Infection And Immunity In Children
Western Europe
image July 27-August 1, 2014 image
32nd Annual Conference on Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Vail, Colo.
North America
image September 9-11, 2014 image
Influenza 2014 - One Influenza, One World, One Health. Bringing Together Veterinary and Human Influenza Researchers
Western Europe
image September 14-17, 2014 image
5th ESWI Influenza Conference
Radisson Blu Latvija Hotel, Riga
Eastern Europe
image September 17-19, 2014 image
Western Europe
image September 22-24, 2014 image
Infectious Diseases in the Mediterranean and the Middle East: Current Challenges, an ESCMID postgraduate workshop
Asia Pacific
image September 29 - October 1, 2014 image
Infection Prevention 2014
Western Europe
image October 6-7, 2014 image
ASTMH Intensive Update Course
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA
North America
image October 12-15, 2014 image
7th Asian Congress of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing
Asia Pacific
image November 5-7, 2014 image
Antibiotic Alternatives for the New Millennium
Western Europe
image November 7-8, 2014 image
How to Design and Perform your Clinical Studies in Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course
Western Europe
image November 16-18, 2014 image
HIS 2014 Conference (The 9th Healthcare Infection Society International Conference 2014 in association with the French Society for Hospital Hygiene)
Western Europe
image November 17-18, 2014 image
Focused Meeting: Modelling Microbial Infection
Western Europe
image November 26-29, 2014 image
15th Asia Pacific Congress on Clinical Microbiology & Infection (APCCMI)
Kuala Lumpur, WP
Asia Pacific
image December 3-5, 2014 image
Sepsis 2014: New Successes, New Challenges
Western Europe
image December 8, 2014 image
Update in Current Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV Infection
Western Europe
image February 4-7, 2015 image
EUROGIN 2015: International Multidisciplinary Congress
Western Europe
image March 26-29, 2015 image
The 7th International Congress of the Asia Pacific Society of Infection Control
Asia Pacific
image November 18-21, 2015 image
WSPID 2015 - 9th World Congress of the World Society for Pediatric Infectious Disease
Rio de Janeiro
South America
image April 22-25, 2017 image
27th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID 2017)

image April 9-12, 2014 image
The 50th Semi-Annual Denver TB Course
Denver, Colorado
North America
image October 9-11, 2014 image
Viral Hepatitis Congress
Western Europe
image October 24-28, 2014 image
32nd World Congress of Internal Medicine
COEX, Seoul
Asia Pacific
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